Feb 8

Also at the risk of sounding stupid I have a question about the Holy Trinity. My understanding of it from school was that Jesus and God and the Holy spirit are all the same? Like they're all God? But I'm not sure if that's me misunderstanding something, because when a Jehova's witness asked me who Jesus was and I said "Son of God, but like God too, 'cause of the Trinity" they said no, I was wrong. Is this a difference in belief or have I gotten confused lol? Thanks for your time.

Hello thatkliqkid:

The heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit share the same divine essence or nature, but they are not the same. The Father is not the Son. Jesus is not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not the heavenly Father. They are three, distinct Persons who share the same Godly nature, or divine life.

The Catholic doctrine requires that we understand the difference between “nature” and “person.” Nature describes what you are. For instance, you and I are human beings. We share human nature. We each have a human mind, a human soul, a human body with human DNA. Person describes who you are. You are a distinct person from me.

The difference between us two, and the Divine Persons of the holy Trinity, is that you and I, besides being distinct persons, also have a separate and distinct life and existence. However, the Three Persons are able to be distinct without being separate from each other, with a separate life and existence. They are able to be distinct Persons but share the life of God. They share this nature, or life, or essence, so perfectly and so intimately, that they are one God, not three gods.

When Jesus “came down” to heaven and took on flesh, He actually never left His Father’s side. The Father and the Holy Spirit at all times were joined and united to that Person in Jesus who is called the Word, the second Person of God.

When the Holy Spirit “came down” among the Apostles at Pentecost, He did not break off from the Father and the Son and act as a separate, individual Power or Force but at all times He remained united and joined to the Father and the Son.

The Witnesses of Jehovah do not believe that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are divine. They are not God. To them, only the heavenly Father is God, and He wishes to be known as Jehovah, according to them. Catholics, on the other hand, believe that in the one nature or essence or life of God, there dwells Three distinct Persons who are a blessed and undivided Trinity. God bless and take care! Fr. Angel