Aug 9

Why am I being singled out?

I had an exchange with a blogger yesterday, in which this blogger asked why I “seem to enjoy attacking certain blogs.” The answer is that I honestly do not believe I “enjoy attacking” certain blogs.

And I am sorry if anyone feels as if that is my work on Tumblr.  Yet if you check my archive, you might be surprised to see that the perception of me going on the attack against people who are “singled out” is not accurate of me or my ministry.

I have responded to questions, or reblogged, or written commentaries, in over 5,000 posts over a span of two years. There are not even 50 bloggers you can count where I have been critical of them. And these criticisms are against ideas.

Most of the time, I am fielding questions about people’s doubts and problems, or questions about faith. I have no desire to be on the attack against persons, or to “exploit” my collar for “undue legitimacy” but I do attack certain ideas, regardless of who pushes them.

What ideas? Those ideas I find to be of concern, held by certain feminists, pro-choice people, non-Catholic Christians, advocates of different thoughts of human sexuality, atheists, varying political platforms, as well as Catholics who range from very liberal to very traditional in outlook. 

While most people just keep scrolling and are afraid to get into a debate, I admit that I feel the need to speak up and confront an idea that is unhealthy or simply unjust in our Catholic community.

Yesterday, the debate may be about the way we post about others who are accused and should be portrayed as innocent till proven guilty. Tomorrow it might be a debate about Vatican II, women’s ordination, or Pope Francis.

But as tempting as it is for certain bloggers to think so, they are not singled out for attack, I don’t think that this is what I am doing. so much as the ideas of certain bloggers are a form of “distorted truth” which actually ends up not being the truth, which is what Catholics should stand for.

Even in the fights about the sexual abuse of children, the truth that children should be safe and protected is often couched in the idea that entire groups in the Church do not care for children, do not love them, or could not care less about their safety.

Based on the truth of safe environment being important, there is couched a great untruth, and injustice, that anyone in the name of safe environment can be submitted to suspicion, to innuendo, to witch hunts, and to vilification. 

Yes, I attacked that idea. No, it was not personally directed at a certain blogger. I have enough trouble keeping up with the many, many messages and questions that come into my inbox. I have enough trouble keeping up with a parish to run, to have some need to single out certain people.

 God bless and take care, Fr. Angel